Poster Feedback

After presenting the final poster, I got some feedback. The feedback consisted of: The design was too obvious, and communicated the exhibition too clearly. I was suggested to completely change my design, and explore the idea of the pixels behind RGB colours on a screen. Possibly look into using the buttons on the games controllers … More Poster Feedback

Riso Printing

Deadline arrived to hand over my poster project. I had managed to get my poster through the RisoGraph, although most annoyingly there was an error with the red ink, so I only had two thirds of my project finished. Due to this mishap, I printed my posters through inkjet for demonstration purposes. The picture above is of … More Riso Printing

Parallel Exhibition

I went to visit the Exhibition Parallels by Harun Farock. I went to visit, as this is the exhibition I have chosen to do my poster/print project on. As you can see by the pictures it was a very bland, mundane experience. The screens where an impressive size, and the floating arrangement was nicely put … More Parallel Exhibition

Posters Research

Looking into posters from the mid 19th century through to the present, it has become clear that during the 1890s, this was the time where the poster really became the posters we know of today. Art Nouveau or ‘New Art’ is a movement in art inspired by the natural forms or structures and architecture. It … More Posters Research