I have compiled a selection of mood boards to help me further exploration into imagery, and use as reference. My first one is about exploding clocks. I have found imagery that contains the short of content I want to be looking at. Lots of different parts of clock gears and cogs. Some are tattoos, some … More Moodboards

D&AD – Layer Masks

Looking into using my Digital Rorschachs further, and employ more fun, life affirming imagery. I thought about what might be a life thrilling, daredevilish, adventurous activity and I took the notion of ‘not being afraid’ which lead me to think about what thrill seekers do. From this visual research on what thrill seekers adventure to … More D&AD – Layer Masks

D&AD – Initial ideas

I am diving deep and meaningful into this brief. To find wisdom, to share wisdom, to give wisdom, without words. The brief states to “Pack and punch…heartfelt advice…introspective…think fun and life-affirming…all about the craft, real skill”. I have chosen a strong decision to do this without words, no matter how easier it would be to … More D&AD – Initial ideas

D&AD Winners 2016

For the Design Competition Brief, we are venturing into a D&AD New Blood award brief. I have to say I’m excited about this. D&AD can lead to very promising opportunities and I think its jst great to be part of a such a huge organisation. With the feedback and knowledge I can get off my tutors, … More D&AD Winners 2016