Russell Weekes

Russell Weekes, a refreshing honest voice, with a passion for creativity. It was interesting to here Russell’s opinion of himself, as he descried himself not as an illustrator or a graphic designer, but ‘A way of thinking’. He explains this by talking about how his artwork is created and based on how he, or the audience, see’s … More Russell Weekes

We Made This

Alistair Hall, the founder, creator of, a company that works closely with clients and practitioners, printers and artist to create some remarkable objects and prints. Not only do they have an impressive range of clients, but some extremely beautiful work. Most of there work I can see, and which he spoke about was a brand … More We Made This

Collage Dialogue

Workshop with Emily Evans. Collage: Dialogue using mixed media and image. The brief for this project was very straight forward. Set out like a display of instructions. Numbered, lettered and some underlining. Choosing text, sketching some ideas and attempting to produce a mass of collage work in a given space of time. A short, inspiring presentation … More Collage Dialogue

Studio Culture

A visit to Four Corners Books. First impressions A short walk to the publishers studio and we were faced with a beautiful little street, with craved architecture at each turn. A wonderful scene which set the tone of our visit. We were greeted by Richard and Elinor, I instantly got a vibe that they loved what … More Studio Culture

The Color Company

I have been trying to get a comic book printed, a specific size, quality, price, specific type of paper and with quality print control. After going to a few printing shops in London, they have all failed to produce or even understand what I was after. However at the end of a long day I … More The Color Company

Evaluate and Reflection – Moving Image

This project was a great insight into how I can make my artwork into something else. A moving image. Getting illustration to another level of practice. I enjoyed research into various types of motion imagery which really sparked ideas and inspired me to try out different things. Making try outs of different motion imagery was extremely valuable … More Evaluate and Reflection – Moving Image