Multistorey Art Direction

Art direction is an important keyword to use when setting up an exhibition. It relates to the direction in which the art should be displayed. But not necessarily in terms of  where it should be placed, but a further exploration of the exhibition display as a whole. From  posters, to flyers, from typography to colour, to theme through to graphics.

Multistorey is a design studio which specialise in creative direction and design. So, I looked at one of their most recent projects;


The show highlights Sidibé’s work photographing the cultural life and youth of Bamako, peacocking, dancing, playing and falling in love in the heady climate of Mali’s recent independence from France’s colonial powers.

As well as the exhibition graphics, we designed posters, invitations and an A5, 72 page catalogue — and to complement the exhibition, Multistorey co-founder Rhonda Drakeford of Darkroom curated the exhibition shop, selling products from and inspired by Mali, Africa and the work of Sidibé.

Creative direction at its best. Direction being the key word, response to not only the exhibition space but also everything else surrounding the exhibition. From flyers, and posters and catalogues. Within the exhibition, I enjoy the display of various sized imagery on display. It feels considered and purposeful, a little different, allowing the viewer to stand back and admire the bigger pieces of artwork/photography. The Typography and graphics used for this exhibition are colourful and cleverly placed onto the walls. The arrangement of the text flows along with the exhibition and allows for a title of the works as well as a splash of colour onto the walls. This also feeds into the display of the posters and flyers and leaflets. The various arrangement of colours and texts give for a striking composition, and allows for the black and white photo to really stand out against all the colour, giving further placement and purpose for the image.



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