Nous Vous Displays

As our group have devised an idea to have workshop within our summer show exhibition, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Nous Vous have done a very similar thing at one of their exhibitions. Nous Vous have a Residency exhibition held up at The Tetley in Leeds entitled The Watery Line. Unfortunately, their webaite does … More Nous Vous Displays

Signage System Research

Taking the feedback from our tutor about our summer show investigations and further explorations, one of the research response was to look into APFEL (A Practise For Everyday Life). First of all, great name! The company is a leading example of designers whom work within art direction, identities, publications, exhibitions, type design, signage, packaging, and digital. They have … More Signage System Research

Summer Show Designs

Direction notes: Process being a ‘curated’ part of the show. Looking at ‘making’ as being part of the final exhibition/ Journey of a project. Think about a new title. Think about the potential graphic language of the exhibition design. Think about activity and live making. Workshops.   On the direction from the feedback notes, I … More Summer Show Designs

Group Meeting Two

After the First Group meeting, our group met again for a second discussion on any new thoughts about the ideas that we first generated. Plus Hayley, Logan and Reanne, went to the Geffrye Museum, and had thoughts on this. Minutes taken by Logan Bishop: Ideas written down: Interactive workshops where you can add to the … More Group Meeting Two

Group Meeting One

After the summer show briefing our group had a meeting. Notes from the group meeting are as followed: Concepts we came up with in a post uni brainstorming session today: Print is dead: basically just doing all the signage and leaflets and everything with mostly the manual printing facilities  to show our printing skills and … More Group Meeting One

Summer Show Brief

For Design Competition module, each studio is split into groups within their studio members, and asked to compete against each studio group. The brief asks for each group to look at three initial ideas on how to theme, curate, exhibit, and market the end of year summer show. These ideas have to be based around realistic … More Summer Show Brief